Where I started going crazy

Published on 1 May 2022 at 21:11

When you're at work you dont want to appear weak. You dont want to get the feeling everyone sees you as a victim. But thats what happend to me. I broke down in the middle of the police station.......

I broke down in front of colleagues, I broke down in front of superiors and I just broke down without knowing why. And that feeling is something so helpless so wrong when you're expected to be strong. When you need yourself to be strong.


The day started like any other. I got on my motorcycle to go to work. Changed to my uniform and attended the morning briefing. My colleagues and friends later told my they wondered why I was so quiet. I had some errands to run and visited my old precinct. The usual meaningless: "Hi how are you?" and the even less meaningfull: "Good good, how about you?" happend allot. But then something happend I was not expecting.


My former superior came up to me and asked: "How are you?" I once again gave the meaningless reply. But then he placed his hand on my shoulder and said: "But how are you really though?" And thats when I broke down. I broke down visibly, I broke down mentaly and we just went to a separate room and started talking. Really talking. This was all but the start though. Even i didnt know how deep the rabbithole went. Follow me on my journey of "Going Crazy". Want to know a bit more before you continue, look at my About page



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