About Me:

I started going crazy and decided to write about it!

For about 10 years I have been a police officer, where I have seen humanity's worst and best. During my work I encountered some things no human being should ever have to see and it has shaped me to be who i am today. I do my job proudly, but no-one could have prepared me for this rollercoaster of a ride to which it led me. Read all about my journey "Going Crazy" in this blog.


To help combat my anxiety and help me cope with all things "Going Crazy" I started making Youtube Music Video's. They help me focus and keep my mind of the bad stuff. Feel free to browse through my channels "Brandy Music" and "Flyover Relaxing Music".


Recently I was asked to be a guest contributor on https://cptsdfoundation.org/ and https://rtor.org