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Going soft in the head

So, now comes the explaining to everyone. Explaining why you can't concentrate, explaining why you start crying out of nowhere, explaining why you suddenly need to find a quiet place...

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Having a screw loose

Waiting, waiting and waiting, not knowing what the hell is going on. I got into arguments with my wife. Got mad without reason. Couldn't control my emotional outbursts. Everything was just to much. Trying to live your live as normal as possible while being a slave to your emotions is nearly impossible.

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Losing my Marbles

Emotions, losing control, not being yourself. I kept feeling like it was something I did. Something I could undo or fix so everything would turn out alright. Unfortunately things kept getting worse...

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Crazy is an understatement!

Breaking down at work, not knowing why and then going home and explaining what happened when you dont even know whats going on. After the initial shock things became so much worse.....

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