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Carrying on with the story

Some of those last posts hit very close to home. I had to take a break from looking inside and just write. Write to clear my head, write to stay busy. Also I wanted to share the way I was coping with all of this. Maybe it will help someone struggling with the same things. Maybe it won't. But it helped me and that's what this blog is all about.

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What is the definition of mental health?

Panic, anxiety and emotional outbursts are not really good examples of a person with a perfect mental health. But do they define you, or are they the things you have to overcome while working on your mental health? 

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How do you Cope with Mental health struggles??

Trying to find distraction so your mind can't play tricks on you. Most of the time it keeps the demons at bay. But what do I use to help me cope? I use several coping mechanisms: Keeping Busy, writing, making music video's, exercise and most importantly, Talk about it! Read all about my coping mechanisms below.

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He laid bare his soul

Talk about it, is what they say. It should help you. But where do you begin? Do you want to take them through the worst things you have experienced? Do you want to burden them?

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Fear and Shame

Fear and Shame are the 2 biggest feelings I had/have. Fear that this might never go away and will stay this bad. And the feeling of shame that I somehow am failing my family...

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